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Surveyors on construction site in California from above

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a distinct difference between lien waivers and lien releases in practice. Have you been using lien waivers and releases correctly?

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Large construction crane in Oregon

Though often overlooked, canceling a lien is a critical step in the mechanic’s lien filing process. Learn why lien releases are so important and what makes Oregon lien releases unique, such as OR-specific deadlines and requirements.

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Bridge in Spokane, Washington

Northwest Lien answers frequently asked questions about Washington state lien releases: what are lien releases, when should you file them in Washington, and why are they so important?

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Architect drafting plans

The difference between a preliminary notice and a notice of intent lies in the implications of each document: one is a routine notification, the other is a more serious warning.

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Oregon's Snow-capped Mount Hood

It’s especially important to know your Oregon lien deadlines — they’re the shortest in the country! In OR, you must file a lien within 75 days from last furnishing, and notice deadlines vary.

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Winding road in Eastern Washington

It’s important to know your lien deadlines! In Washington, you must file a lien within 90 days from last furnishing, though the notice deadlines vary.

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