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Washington & Oregon Liens

Mechanic's Lien Services


Benefits of Lien Services

Northwest Lien offers comprehensive mechanic’s/construction lien services to contractors, suppliers, and laborers in Washington and Oregon; we’re the regional experts and more than qualified to speak on the benefits of mechanics’ liens! A mechanic’s lien is, technically speaking, a security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property. The lien exists for both real property and personal property. More simply put, when you file a mechanic’s lien on a property, you then have an interest in that property and the owner cannot sell without first satisfying your interest.

Mechanic’s liens, otherwise known as construction liens, are the single most effective method to collect outstanding payment available in the construction industry. They can be filed in minutes here on our website and recorded in a matter of days with the appropriate county. Liens are a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney, and through Northwest Lien, succeed in getting you paid over 60% of the time. In working with a lien filing service like Northwest Lien, you not only ensure lien documents are filed correctly and on time, but you also have a qualified expert in your corner if you ever have any questions about the lien process.

Why File a Lien?

When you file a lien, you have the right to force the sale of the property you put work into and collect the amount you’re owed from the sale proceeds. The Country Sheriff is required to carry out the sale. Because of this right to sell and collect, most lending institutions or other prospective purchasers will avoid any property that has a lien filed against it. Who would want to invest in a piece of property if someone else has the right to sell and take some of the money first? For this reason, those who have filed a lien are in a much better position to secure payment from the unwilling owner because he or she will have a difficult time selling the property with a lien clouding the title.

The filing of a lien does not guarantee payment, but it does prevent the owner from conveying the property without paying the lien or posting a bond. If you haven’t filed a lien (or do not meet the requirements to file a lien) but you do have a contract with the owner for the work you performed, the best alternative is usually to proceed to court. This can be a lengthy and very costly process, especially in comparison to filing a protective lien.


In Washington and Oregon, a “Claim of Lien” must be filed within 90 days or 75 days, respectively, of the date a project participant last provided labor or materials. Once the Claim of Lien is filed, the property owner must receive it via certified mail within 14 days, return receipt requested. After that time, the lien is then valid for 8 months and liable to expire after the 8-month period if there is no action taken. The lien will become invalid if the below deadlines are not observed.


Washington Lien Deadline

Washington mechanics' liens must be filed within 90 days from last delivering labor or materials.

Learn More About Washington Lien Deadlines

File a Mechanics Lien in Washington State

Read our complete guide on how to file a mechanics lien in Washington to ensure that you are knowledgeable on state lien requirements.

File a Mechanics Lien in Washington State

Oregon Lien Deadline

Lien must be filed within 75 days after last labor or materials furnished or completion of project (whichever happens first).

Learn More About Oregon Lien Deadlines

File a Mechanics Lien

Ensure you are well-versed on Oregon requirements and read our complete guide on how to file a mechanics lien in Oregon.

File a Mechanics Lien in Oregon


Cathy Snow, Pape’ Material Handling

I have been working with Northwest Lien service for quite a while. They are very Professional and willing to answer any questions that I have. I have been asked to use a different lien company and I have refused. Northwest Lien Service is top notch and I won’t go anywhere else.

Jessie Gillet, CFO of Norkote, Inc

Norkote has been utilizing Northwest Lien since 2005. After a lien pressured a project owner to pay, previously determined as an uncollectible debt, and construction lawyers stressing the importance of exercising lien rights, Norkote has made it standard practice to file pre-lien notices on each of our projects. NW Lien is economical, knowledgeable, fast, and has maintained the same staff and high level of customer service for the 14 years of utilizing their services. Highly recommended to all contractors.

Maria Sanchez, Credit Manager A/R at Atlas Supply

I have been using Northwest Lien services for over twelve years. Their staff is professional and knowledgeable. Profitability is a critical priority for Contractors and Suppliers. As a result, close attention is paid to operational costs. Northwest Lien Services helps Contractors and Suppliers control costs, adopt consistent, lean operational processes, reduce the time spent cutting checks for UCC filings, and optimize fee structure. We thank Northwest Lien for their reliable support and we are looking forward to more years of successful results.

Why Work with Northwest Lien?


At Northwest Lien, you get just what our name suggests — a local company that specializes in knowing the construction lien laws right here in the great northwest. That means you can have peace of mind knowing your documents are being prepared correctly and efficiently every time, giving you the ability to get paid fast.

Northwest Lien has been in business for over 20 years and during that time developed long-standing relationships with some of the foremost construction companies in the northwest. We pride ourselves on not only making sure each document is prepared properly, but also providing the highest level of customer service in the lien industry. We simply love what we do.



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Our Promise To You

From start to finish Northwest Lien is dedicated to excellence and providing you with the latest technology, to make the process of filing documents fast and efficient.