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Construction & Mechanic’s Lien Service

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Norkote has been utilizing Northwest Lien since 2005. After a lien pressured a project owner to pay, previously determined as an uncollectible debt, and construction lawyers stressing the importance of exercising lien rights, Norkote has made it standard practice to file pre-lien notices on each of our projects. NW Lien is economical, knowledgeable, fast, and has maintained the same staff and high level of customer service for the 14 years of utilizing their services. Highly recommended to all contractors.

-Jessie Gillet, CFO of Norkote, Inc.

Why Work With Northwest Lien

We’re fast: many times we can file a lien electronically in less than 48 hours. We’re reliable: over $5 million collected for our clients last year. We’re effective: liens create the best chance of getting paid.

Northwest Lien uses the latest technology to make the process of filing documents easy, fast, and effective. Our customers can track the progress of all the preliminary notices and liens through their email. No other lien company in the Northwest has this capability.

From start to finish Northwest Lien is dedicated to excellence.










Cathy Snow, Pape’ Material Handling

I have been working with Northwest Lien service for quite a while. They are very Professional and willing to answer any questions that I have. I have been asked to use a different lien company and I have refused. Northwest Lien Service is top notch and I won’t go anywhere else.

Maria Sanchez, Credit Manager A/R at Atlas Supply

I have been using Northwest Lien services for over twelve years. Their staff is professional and knowledgeable. Profitability is a critical priority for Contractors and Suppliers. As a result, close attention is paid to operational costs. Northwest Lien Services helps Contractors and Suppliers control costs, adopt consistent, lean operational processes, reduce the time spent cutting checks for UCC filings, and optimize fee structure. We thank Northwest Lien for their reliable support and we are looking forward to more years of successful results.

Erin Schmidtke, Corporate Secretary at Capital Heating and Cooling

Thank you Northwest Lien Services for many years of great service. It brings a peace of mind knowing that the professionals at Northwest Lien Services are there to help us protect our business. Ken and other staff members have been very supportive and informative over the years. Capital Heating and Cooling looks forward to many more years of great service from Northwest Lien.

Joyce Hibma, Controller at Bulldog Demolition & GC Inc

As a customer of Northwest Lien Service for 18 plus years, Ken and his staff continue to provide for us Peace of Mind that our Notice to Customers/Intents are filed accurately and in a timely manner. Ken’s knowledge and support has saved us from losing thousands of dollars throughout the years when dealing with customers who are negligent in paying for services provided. It has been a pleasure watching Northwest Lien service grow, all the while continuing to provide a friendly and hands-on service. I have and will continue to use and recommend their services.

Taft Jones, Beacon Plumbing

Northwest Lien makes it very easy to file a lien. The site is easy to use, and their team has always been willing to answer our questions. They are professional and efficient at what they do!


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LIENS are a highly effective way to secure payment.

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PRELIMINARY NOTICE protects your ability to lien a project should you not get paid.

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PUBLIC WORKS liens, claims and notices are for federal or state-owned properties.

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CLAIM ON A BOND must be filed against the general contractor’s surety for state and federal properties.

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MILLER ACT claims may be filed against the general contractor’s bond if you are unpaid for materials or labor on a Federal project.

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Our Promise To You

From start to finish Northwest Lien is dedicated to excellence and providing you with the latest technology, to make the process of filing documents fast and efficient.