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Washington State Mechanic’s Lien Release Form – Free Download

Say a property owner is withholding payment, so you take all of the necessary legal steps to get paid what you’re rightfully owed from work done on a Washington state property. Notices have been issued and the mechanic’s lien filed, an agreement is reached, and you’re finally given a payment date. So… you’re done, right? Not quite. Now is the time to prepare the Washington state mechanic’s lien release form once payment has been made. Filing the property lien release protects you from possible consequences, and Northwest Lien is here to help guide you.

What is a Mechanic’s Lien Release?

A mechanic’s lien legally and publicly holds a company or individual accountable for payment after work or supplies are delivered or completed. A mechanic’s release form, also known as a contractor or property lien release, relieves the property and the parties involved from any financial obligation after the bill is satisfied and payment received. It should only be filed once payment is cleared and readily available. A mechanic’s lien waiver and mechanic’s lien release are commonly confused or used interchangeably. Learn more about the differences between lien waivers vs. lien releases here.

Why File a Mechanic’s Lien Release?

In the state of Washington, a mechanic’s lien expires within eight months of filing. Despite the expiration, however, we recommend filing a lien release even if a lien filed has been resolved for a couple of reasons: 

  • Prevents future lawsuits that can leave you covering the legal and attorney fees. A property with a lien jeopardizes the sale. Without a lien release, the property value could decrease or severely damage the owner’s reputation leaving the chance that the property owner could sue you for damages. 
  • Releasing the lien is a good gesture that reflects well amongst all parties involved. 

Ultimately, releasing the lien is not just a favor to the property owner; it’s also a way to legally protect yourself as a lienholder and ensure your professional relationships remain civil and intact.

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Washington State Lien Release Form Template – Free Download

Submit the form below to receive a Washington state mechanic’s lien release form template at no cost.

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How to Use Our Washington State Lien Release Form Template

Step 1: Confirm the type of release you are filing. 

A lien release and a mechanics lien waiver are not the same. Although many states may group them as “waiver and release,” you must know the type of lien you intend to file. NW Lien can help you understand the difference between a lien waiver and a lien release

Northwest Lien offers a free downloadable version of Washington’s lien release form, which you can download above.

Step 2: Be sure that payment is made BEFORE filing the lien release. 

Only once the payment has cleared must you immediately file a mechanic’s lien release. Suppose the form is filed before payment has cleared; in that case, there is no guarantee that the individual(s) will make the payment after the lien release is submitted. Doing so jeopardizes your chances of waiting to get paid until AFTER the property is sold. 

However, if this type of agreement is made, we recommend that you sign a conditional waiver. You must document these agreements to protect yourself.

Step 3: Be accurate when filling out the lien release. 

Confirm the participants’ information is accurate before filing. Making a mistake in filing can have serious consequences, which may leave you paying fines, liable for damages, court and attorney fees. Additionally, it can also invalidate your original claim. 

Step 4: File the lien with your county recorder. 

Double-check that you are filing the lien release with the correct county recorder. This can be done in person, by mail, or online. However, there are additional charges for filing online. 

Step 5: Send a copy of the lien.

A duplicate must be sent to the property owner once the county recorder has filed the lien release. We recommend that the copy of the document be sent through certified mail as a way to record that the property owner has received the lien release. 

Northwest Lien Makes Filing Liens & Lien Releases Easy

Quite a few steps are required to submit a lien release! The good news is that lien services like Northwest Lien can help take some work off your shoulders.

Northwest Lien is your regional expert in liens. We file mechanics’ liens and notices online in a timely, effective manner for contractors, laborers, and suppliers across Washington and Oregon. But that’s not the only value we offer; having Northwest Lien on your team ensures you stay organized and focused on your next project, avoiding the stress of deadlines, form submissions, and lien releases. If you file a mechanic’s lien with Northwest Lien, we’ll take care of the lien release for you. Contact us today!

Washington State Mechanic’s Lien Release Form - Free Download
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Washington State Mechanic’s Lien Release Form - Free Download
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